Epitech is a superiorly dosed epicatechin supplement. Considered by many as a natural anabolic, this product was formulated to help accelerate lean muscle growth, increase power output, and help with recovery.

It can be used by every type of athlete who wishes to use a safe, natural, and effective product that can offer results quickly.

The key ingredient found in Epitech is called Epicatechin. It’s a natural compound, and small traces are found in dark chocolate and green tea.

Once more significant amounts of this unique ingredient are consumed by athletes, it can have a wide variety of benefits. This is where epicatechin supplements such as Epitech come in to assist you.

Even research has shown that this ingredient can be beneficial for athletes. Myostatin is responsible for the amount of muscle mass your body can produce. It stops your body from gaining more mass. When Myostatin is lowered, you will have the ability to gain more muscle mass.