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  • Support Muscle Growth and Strength Gains
  • Unique Plant Saponins to Maximize Performance
  • Lift Heavier, Train Harder, and Push Beyond Your Limits

Sapogenix is a potent anabolic activator explicitly formulated to support muscle growth and strength gains.

The advanced formula behind Sapogenix combines unique plant saponins that work synergetically to maximize performance.

Lift heavier, train harder, and push beyond your limits with the help of Sapogenix.

How Should I Take Sapogenix?

Take one (1) tablet twice per day. You can take the first tablet in the morning and the second tablet 8 hours later. Make sure to take on both training and rest days.

How Long Should My Sapogenix Cycle Last?

It's advised to take Sapogenix for a cycle of 8 weeks. After completing the cycle, take a 4-week break before starting another cycle. Please note that one bottle of Sapogenix is enough for a 4-week cycle. 

Can I Stack Sapogenix?

While running Sapogenix alone is effective, you can choose to stack it with other muscle-building supplements. Many individuals combine it with Huge Ecdysterone.

Does Sapogenix Require PCT?

Sapogenix does not require post cycle therapy (PCT) as it does not suppress hormones.

Can Women Take Sapogenix?

Yes, Sapogenix can be taken by both women and men.

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