Dr. Nicolette Natale, DO

Dr. Nicolette Natale is a physician with a background in Psychology, General Medicine, and English Literature, combining her mental health expertise to provide readers with the most accurate, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive information regarding mental health. Dr. Natale seeks to empower individuals with knowledge, fostering a greater understanding of mental health and encouraging a proactive approach to well-being.

Education: Dr. Natale received her Doctorate in Osteopathic
Medicine from Nova Southeastern University, and her bachelor’s in English
Literature and Psychology from the University of Miami.  

Quote: "Having witnessed numerous patients grappling with the
complexities of receiving a mental health diagnosis, I wanted to empower
patients with the knowledge and tools to navigate their own healing journey. My
commitment lies in guiding individuals toward recovery by providing a roadmap
illuminated by science-backed resources, personalized lifestyle interventions,
and therapeutic approaches. I am dedicated to fostering a proactive approach,
enabling patients to reclaim control over their well-being and move confidently
towards long-lasting health."