Top 4 Best Post Workout Supplements For Recovery Revealed


Recovering from a hard workout is very important for your body. It will give your body the time and nutrients to build new muscle mass or enhance your performance.

Everyone knows that having a good sleep pattern and a healthy diet is critical in your recovery process.

But what if I told you several supplements could help you enhance your recovery?

I'm talking about post workout supplements. They're critical if you want to optimize the recovery process and maximize muscle gains.

The ingredients found in these products have all been backed up by clinical data and research. This means they'll actually work if you use them wisely.

Our Top 4 Best Post Workout Supplements

With a few simple online searches, you'll find that there's plenty of different supplements available on the market. But, many supplements don't contain the right ingredients or dosages to support your muscle's recovery process.

We've selected the best post workout supplements for athletes and bodybuilders that want to enhance their recovery, allowing them to reach their goals faster.

The ingredients we've selected in our top 4 have shown promising benefits and results during clinical research. In our opinion, they're worth every penny if you're a serious athlete.

Allow us to introduce you to the best and most effective post workout supplements.

1. Creatine

A great way of giving your overall performance and recovery a boost is by adding creatine to your routine.

Multiple studies showed that creatine monohydrate could increase fat-free mass and can increase strength.

This should make every serious athlete consider using this post workout supplement because there are not many supplements capable of doing this.

Creatine is also very useful in recovering muscle damage after working out your muscles.

A study done in 2013 showed the difference between creatine consumption post or pre-workout showed. The conclusion was that consuming creatine post-workout was way more effective for strength and body composition.


Another study showed that creatine was very useful in the rate of recovery of the knee extensor muscle. The group who took creatine showed a significant improvement in recovery.

Next to the fact that creatine can improve the recovery rate, it has also been proven that it can enhance your strength in the gym. You could consider it to be an anabolic supplement.

A recent study done on the effects of creatine on resistance training showed an increase of 8% muscle strength.

During this study, participants managed to see an increment between 3 and 45% on the bench press. In my opinion, that is a significant increase in strength, considering this is a natural ingredient.

That's why creatine is the best muscle building recovery supplement on the market right now.

It's cheap, effective, and easy to get. If you're interested in using creatine, you should read our creatine loading phase guide.. 

2. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA's (Branched-chain amino acids) are known for building and preserving lean muscle mass. Therefore, BCAA's are considered to be an essential post workout supplement.

They consist of 3 different components called Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine.

Multiple studies showed that supplementing BCAA's and EAA's could help with fatigue, muscle soreness, and power output.

Our product, Huge BCAA, contains 8000mg of branched-chain amino acids per serving to accelerate recovery and growth. It also contains L-Glutamine, another critical post workout supplement for athletes.


The amino acid Leucine has been proven to activate the protein called mTOR, which is responsible for stimulating protein synthesis in humans.

This basically means that after taking Leucine, your body can gain muscle faster. Another interesting ingredient called Epicatechin also can increase protein synthesis.

A study showed that subjects who took BCAA were way less sore than the subjects who didn't receive the BCAA. This would mean that BCAA could reduce DOMS.

I personally like BCAA's because they have many different uses that have been backed by clinical data and evidence.

They have the ability to reduce your DOMS, help with building lean muscle, and could make you stronger.

3. Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid that is mostly found in dietary protein. A good source of glutamine would be protein powder like whey and casein.

Glutamine is mostly used and advertised as an ingredient that can either increase lean muscle mass and also helps with muscle recovery.

While there isn't much evidence that it can indeed increase muscle mass, lots of studies have shown a positive effect on muscle recovery.

A study showed that muscle soreness was significantly lower over 96 hours with L-glutamine supplementation. Another study showed that the subjects who took glutamine had way lower muscle soreness in the 24, 48, and 72-hour mark.

They also found out that glutamine may be more active on men than women. Glutamine also showed an improvement in recovery between workout sets, and the subject who took glutamine could do more repetitions.

Glutamine is hands down one of the best post-workout supplements you could take since it can reduce muscle soreness and improve overall recovery.

It is found in our BCAA product at 5000mg per serving. So, you are getting a combination of both BCAA's and Glutamine in one product.

4. Protein

When you workout, your body will use your build-up glycogen stores as fuel. You must restore those glycogen stores as soon as possible.

Protein will help you with building muscle but also recovering faster. They contain all the amino acids your body needs, making them a useful post workout supplement.


A study showed that after you take a significant amount of protein, your body can recover faster and build muscle tissue.

There are many different protein sources; however, you do not always have your chicken or salmon with you after your workout.

That's why you could take a look at whey protein. It's very convenient and also very useful for building muscle and recovering faster.

Legal steroids and protein can help you increase muscle mass significantly.

Post Workout Supplements FAQ

Do post workout supplements work?

Yes, they most definitely work. You can expect an improvement in muscle recovery and sometimes even extra muscle mass. However, it's suggested that you keep a healthy diet and sleep pattern for optimal performance.

Are post workout supplements worth it?

This depends on your expectations and goals in terms of results. The best post-workout supplements have been proven to work effectively and safely in terms of recovery and muscle gains.

Why take post workout supplements?

You can take post-workouts for many different reasons. Most people use post-workout supplements to enhance their recovery process. However, some people do it do gain muscle and reduce their DOMS.

Are Post workout supplements safe?

Yes, they are safe for human consumption. You should never exceed the recommended dosage. A study was done on the safety of creatine and didn't find anything harmful at all.

Final Verdict

Post workout supplements are an effective and scientifically proven way for athletes to help improve recovery, performance, and power.

The ingredients mentioned in our article all have plenty of scientific research available showing their potential use in bodybuilding.

Each athlete that has optimized nutrition and training should consider adding a post workout supplement into their routine. These supplements will help achieve optimal muscle recovery, resulting in faster growth.

Also, make sure to check out our article on muscle building stacks. They're a great and effective way of boosting your progress.

Always make sure to prioritize diet and training over supplements. When all aspects are optimized, you will be able to accelerate progress significantly.


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