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  • Muscle Pumps, Vascularity & Fullness
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Introducing Magnify pump pills, your to-go supplement for maximizing muscle pumps, vascularity, and fullness.

These cutting-edge pump pills feature a total of 6 potent ingredients that work together to optimize nitric oxide (N.O.) production and vasodilation through various pathways. 

Increasing nitric oxide and vasodilation will get more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the muscle cells, resulting in skin-tearing muscle pumps.

With easy-to-use capsules that are quickly absorbed, they're a highly effective and convenient option for those looking to boost workout performance.

How Do I Use Magnify?

Take six (6) capsules of Magnify pump pills about 30 minutes before starting your workout.

What Can I Expect From Magnify?

Magnify contains science-backed ingredients to support nitric oxide (N.O) production— this impacts muscle pumps, vascularity, and vasodilation. If you're looking to get in an explosive workout, this is the product you're after.

Can I Stack Magnify With Other Products?

Yes, you can stack Magnify with most of our other supplements. Many users stack Magnify with Wrecked or Wrecked Enraged to help them get into an intense training session.

What's The Difference Between Magnify and Pump Serum?

Magnify comes in a convenient capsule form and specifically focuses on increasing blood flow, whereas Pump Serum comes in powdered form and focuses on pumps, focus, and power.

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