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Defend Cycle Support

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  • High-Quality Ingredients to Support Your Organs
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  • All-In-One PEDs Protection

Introducing our newly improved Defend, the most comprehensive cycle support supplement available. Explicitly developed for individuals running PEDs, Defend is a complete organ support crafted to protect your liver, kidneys, heart, prostate, and overall health from the potential stresses and strains associated with performance enhancement.

At the core of Defend lies a carefully chosen combination of premium ingredients, meticulously selected for their targeted benefits in supporting organ function and mitigating potential side effects. Amongst the many ingredients, you'll find N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), Milk Thistle Extract, Astragalus Extract, and Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA)

All these compounds work tirelessly to protect your organs from the oxidative stress associated with gear use and promote optimal detoxification pathways. We've fortified this powerhouse formula with all the ingredients required to provide multidimensional support for your body's vital organs. It packs all the essentials you should be looking for in a cycle support supplement. 

Don't compromise on your health during your cycle. Trust Defend to be your all-in-one cycle support to keep you protected and optimized throughout your journey.

How Do I Take Defend Cycle Support?

Take four (4) capsules three times a day. We advise taking four capsules in the morning, four more in the afternoon, and four more in the evening.

How Long Should I Take Defend?

Defend should be taken throughout your entire cycle. It's essential to run it from the start till the finish of your cycle. This is important if you want the product to work optimally. If you plan to run an 8-week cycle, taking Defend for 8 weeks is highly recommended. Please note that one bottle is a one-month supply.

Can I Stack Defend With Other Supplements?

Yes, you can stack Defend with our other health supplements such as Vital, Astragalus Root, and Citrus Bergamot


Yes, women can take Defend. 

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